Donate to Paradisus Dei

“For us, we receive grace because we give it away for free.
You receive grace when you give a donation back to us.
We both enter into a graced relationship.
If at all possible, our desire is to maintain this model."

— Steve Bollman


One of the most unique and most amazing aspects of Paradisus Dei, Inc is the method in which it operates financially and its relationship with the parishes who host the program. Paradisus Dei, Inc is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that is funded almost solely on donations.

The program is given to each parish free of charge, and the parish then gives the program to the men of the parish free of charge.

Paradisus Dei trusts in the Providence of God and the generosity of men who feel that the program has impacted their lives.

This year, we ask the TMIY community to help us make our new program for couples, The Choice Wine, a reality. Your generosity has allowed TMIY to become the program that it is, touching the lives of men in over 450 parishes across the country. We need your help in making The Choice Wine all that it can be to change the lives of couples.

With the support of our entire TMIY network, we will dedicate the first session of The Choice Wine to the men of TMIY, good men who are doing right by themselves, their families and God.

Please prayerfully consider a tax-deductible donation to Paradisus Dei.